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Site Name Language Size Upload Condition CGI - ASP
321Website English 10MB Browser Adframe Collection
8op English 20MB FTP Browser Banner Collection
Abac-KSC Thai 10MB ? ? ?
Acmecity English 20MB Browser TopBanner ?
Amarillas Spanish 0.1MB FTP Banner NO
Angelfire English 5MB FTP Browser Popup/Banner NO
AnGen English 3MB FTP No ads CGI - BIN
Anzwers English 6MB Browser TopBanner NO
AsiaFind English 10MB Browser Popup NO
Aspide Italian 15MB FTP Banner Collection
AtFreeweb English 20MB FTP ? ASP
B-City ? 5MB Browser Top-Frame ?
Bangkok English ? ? ? ?
bar Russian 3MB FTP Banner NO
Best Site ? 12M FTP Banner ?
Bellcity English 9MB Browser FootBanner Collection
Beonet ? 1MB FTP ? NO
Bigassweb English 5MB Browser ? NO
Bigblock English 1MB FTP No ads NO
BIP Swedish 10MB FTP Banner NO
Bnpages English 5MB Browser TopBanner Counter
Bretagnenet French 5MB FTP ? NO
Bulgaria ? 0.5MB Browser No ads NO
BuzzLink English 25MB Browser Banner NO
C Junctions English 5MB Browser TopBanner NO
Channel21 English 11MB Browser Banner NO
Chat Russian 3MB FTP Browser No ads NO
ChatTownUSA English 5MB Browser Popup NO
Chez French 10MB FTP ? NO
Chickpages English 5MB Browser Popup/Banner Counter
Chongqing Chinese 25MB FTP ? CGI - BIN
Citeweb French 20MB FTP Browser No ads Collection
Ciudad Digital Spanish 1MB FTP Browser ? NO
Ciudad Futura Spanich 1MB Browser ? NO ? 20MB FTPBrowser ? ?
ClanWorld ? 12M FTP ? CGI - BIN
Codename ? 2-8MB FTP Banner ?
Community Connect ? 0.1MB Browser Logo ?
Com-unity English 15MB Browser Adframe NO
Conk English 1MB Browser No ads NO
CoolLinks English 20MB Browser TopBanner NO
Crosswinds English 12M FTP Browser Banner Collection
Cybercities English 25MB FTP No ads NO
Cyberhome English 12M Browser TopBanner NO
Cybersoup English 15MB Browser Banner NO
DDS Dutch 0.5MB FTP No ads FORM
Dencity English 25MB FTP Browser Button NO
Digiweb English 10MB FTP Browser Popup Collection
DJStuff English 12M FTP bar, ? CGI - BIN
DMA Dutch 0.75MB FTP No ads NO
DomainDLX English 15MB FTP Popup ASP
Dove Enterprises ? 20MB ? ? ?
DSE Dutch 0.25MB Browser ? NO
DSL English 0.5MB FTP ? NO
Duno ? 10MB Browser Banner ?
Dynahost English 3MB EMAIL TopBanner NO
E-my English 5MB Browser Banner NO
Easy Space English 25MB FTP PopupBanner ?
Eccentrica ? 0.5MB Browser ? ?
Enjoy Italian 0.5MB FTP No ads NO
Eosnet English 100MB FTP Banner CGI - BIN
Escalix English 5MB Browser Banner NO
EuropaPark English 0.65MB Browser FootBanner NO
Ewebcity English ? ? ? ASP
FastFreeWebs ? 10MB Browser Banner ?
Fiberia ? 11MB FTP Banner ?
ForFree ? 5MB FTP Banner ?
ForTunecity ? 20MB FTP Browser Banner ?
FreeHomepages English 5MB Browser TopBanner NO
Freemerchant ? 12M ? ? ?
Freepage German 20MB FTP Browser Banner Counter
FreeServers English 12MB FTP Browser Banner Collection ? 3MB Browser TopButtonBanner Collection
Freeshells ? 12M FTP ? CGI - BIN
FreeSpeech English 25MB FTP Link NO
FreeWebCoco Czech 10MB FTP Banner Collection
Freewww English 5MB Browser Banner NO
Freeyellow English 12MB FTP Browser Footer ?
Freez English 10MB Browser FootBanner Collection
FriendFactory German 5MB Browser ? Collection
FSN English 30MB FTP Top+FootBanner ?
Gabs Spanish 3MB FTP EMAIL Banner NO
Gamepost ? 10MB FTP Banner ?
Geocities English 11MB FTP Browser Popup/Banner Collection
Go2 English 0.15MB Browser Banner Guesbook
GoPlay English 2MB Browser TopBanner NO
Graffiti English 20MB FTP Banner CGI - BIN
GSD Free WebHosting English 10MB Browser ? ?
Gurlpages English 11MB Browser TopBanner Counter
Heim.AT English 6MB FTP Browser No ads Collection
HHDevel English 5MB FTP Banner NO
HKID ? 10MB FTP Logo ?
Home French 50MB FTP Banner NO
Home.RO ? 10MB FTP Banner NO
Home4u German 1MB EMAIL Banner NO
Homestead English 12MB Browser FootBanner NO
Homex English 6MB Browser No ads NO
Hotbot English 5MB Browser TopBanner NO
Howdyneighbor English 2MB FTP Logo ?
Hypermart English 20MB FTP Popup CGI - BIN
Icestorm English 3MB Browser No ads NO
iFrance French 20MB FTP Banner NO
Indydesign ? 1MB FTP ? ?
Infoseek English 12M Browser ? ?
Info Team Corporation English 25MB FTP Logo ?
Instacities English 0.25MB Browser ? NO
IntelCities English 3MB Browser ? NO
Internettrash English 10MB Browser No ads NO
iVillage English 5MB Browser PopupBanner Counter
JustFree English 20MB Browser TopBanner NO
KryptonBBS Italian 0.1MB EMAIL Banner NO
LGG Russian 15MB FTP Button CGI - BIN
Lotsoffreestuff English 2MB Browser TopBanner NO
MagicWeb German 5MB FTP Banner NO
MainQuad English 0.2MB Browser ? NO
Malaysians Malaysian 3MB FTP No ads NO
Mauritius English 10MB FTP Banner NO
Mediaport Dutch 1MB FTP ? NO
Membersites ? ? Browser ? ?
Marketnet English 12M ? ? ?
Mujweb Czech 11MB FTP Banner NO
Multimania French 12MB FTP Browser Popup NO
Mygo English 1MB Browser Banner NO
Myplace English 10MB FTP Banner NO
MYSP ? 7MB Browser ? ?
NanoHome English 15MB Browser Banner NO
Nedhosting English 1MB Browser ? NO
Netby Danish 2MB FTP Banner Counter
Netcolony English 35MB Browser Banner NO
Netline English 10MB FTP Logo ?
Netian Korean 5MB FTP TopBanner Collection
Netmanor English 15MB FTP Browser Banner NO
Netscape English 11MB Browser TopBanner Counter
Nettaxi English 10MB FTP Banner NO
Nexus Hungarian 5MB Browser ? Collection
NomeniaLX English 0.025MB Browser FootBanner NO
Nyx English 0.5MB ? ? NO
Ostriches On Line ? 0.15MB ? ? ?
Passagen Swedish 3MB FTP No ads Collection
Pegacity Italian 1MB FTP Banner NO
Personales Spanish 15MB FTP Browser Link Collection
Phiberoptix English 30MB FTP Browser Banner CGI - BIN
PHP English 1MB Browser ? Counter
Pi Danish 0.3MB FTP Banner Counter
Polbox English 2MB FTP TopBanner Counter
Populate ? 5MB FTP Browser ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Prohosting English 10MB FTP Popup CGI - BIN
Purespace German 10MB FTP Popup NO
Radio ORF German 1MB FTP Banner NO
Ragemail English 25MB FTP Browser Banner CGI - BIN
Respublica French 15MB FTP Browser Banner NO
ROTFL English 2MB Browser FootBanner Collection
School Sucks ? 10MB Browser Banner ?
Shara Ukrainian 1MB FTP Banner NO
Sitepalace English 7MB Browser ToopBanner NO
Southhosting English 2MB Browser Banner Collection
SpaceLynx English 10MB FTP Adframe NO
Spaceports English 1MB ? Popup NO
Spree English 12MB Browser Top+FootBanner NO
Startpath English 12MB FTP ? NO
StellarImages English 15MB Browser FootBanner NO
Subnet Danish 11MB FTP Banner CGI - BIN
Sunpoint Finnish 20MB FTP Banner NO
Supernews ? 2MB FTP Banner ?
SWI Hungarian 5MB FTP Banner Collection
Taconet ? 3MB FTP Banner CGI - BIN
TalkCity English 12MB FTP Browser Popup Collection
TaoTree English 3MB FTP Browser Banner NO
Terravista Portugese 2MB Browser ? NO
Thai Central Thai 50MB ? ? ?
ThCity Thai 15MB ? ? ?
The Deck English 1MB Browser Banner NO
The Globe English 12MB FTP Browser Popup NO
Tilted English 2MB FTP FootBanner NO
TimeCities English 15MB Browser No ads NO
Torget Swedish 3MB Browser No ads NO
Townesquare ? 5MB FTP ? ?
Tricity English 20MB Browser TopBanner NO
Tripod.COM English 11MB FTP Browser Popup Counter
Tripod.DE German 12MB FTP Browser Popup Counter
Tripod.FR French 12MB FTP Browser Popup Counter
Tripod.IT Italian 12MB FTP Browser Popup Counter
Tripod.NL Dutch 12MB FTP Browser Popup Counter
Tripod.UK English 12MB FTP Browser Popup Counter
Tytek English 10MB FTP Banner CGI - BIN
Ultimateasp English ? ? ? ASP
Unique Pages ? 10MB FTP Browser PopupBanner ?
Unreality.DK ? 12M FTP ? ?
Usfaz English 5MB Browser TopBanner NO
Viaduk Ukrainian 5MB Browser No ads NO
Village French 5MB FTP Banner NO
Virtual Nine ? 5MB FTP Banner CGI - BIN
Virtual-power English 25MB FTP Banner NO
VirtualAvenue English 20MB FTP PopupBanner CGI - BIN
VisualCities English 10MB FTP Browser Adframe NO
Webhostme English ? ? ? ASP
Webprovider English 10MB FTP Popup CGI - BIN
Websamba English ? FTP ? ASP
Website2u English 5MB FTP Browser Banner NO
WebsiteResources English 1MB Browser TopBanner Collection
WhatTown English 5MB Browser TopBanner NO
WhoWhere English 5MB Browser Banner Counter
Wigloo English 0.25MB Browser TopBanner NO
Windoms Russian 1MB FTP PopupBanner NO
Women English 5MB Browser Banner NO
World Zone English 12MB Browser ? ?
Wowsites English 12MB Browser Adframe NO
Xoom.COM English Unlimted FTP Browser Adframe Counter
Xoom.IT Italian 25MB FTP Browser Adframe Counter
XXX Home English 50MB Browser ? ?
Yes web Korean 3MB FTP Browser TopBanner CGI - BIN
ZCities English 1MB FTP Browser Banner NO
Zy English 2MB Browser TopBanner NO


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