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Board Forum Diary - Cannot Double-Click to Open a Workbook

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Board Forum Diary => Software Computer => Cannot Double-Click to Open a Workbook




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06/18/2009 3:56am (UTC)[quote]
Make sure that Excel is not running (exit the program).
Click the Start button to displays the Start menu.
From the Start menu, choose Run. Windows displays the Run dialog box.
In the Open box, enter the full path name to your Excel program, followed by the /regserver switch. If the full path name includes spaces, surround the full path name by quote marks. The following is an example of what you can enter in the Open box (your path may be different):
"crogram FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeExcel.exe" /regserver
Click OK.
Now try double-clicking on your workbook again. It should open as you expect. If it doesn't, try this in versions of Excel prior to Excel 2007:

In Excel, choose Options from the Tools menu. Excel displays the Options dialog box.
Make sure the General tab is selected. (Click here to see a related figure.)
Make sure the Ignore Other Applications check box is selected.
Click on OK.
If you are using Excel 2007, follow these steps instead:

Click the Office button an then click Excel Options. Excel displays the Excel Options dialog box.
Click Advanced at the left side of the dialog box. (Click here to see a related figure.)
In the General section, make sure the Ignore Other Applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) check box is selected.
Click on OK.
If you still cannot double-click on a workbook to open it, try these steps:

Get out of Excel completely.
Open a My Computer window.
Choose Tool | Folder Options. You should see the Folder Options dialog box.
Make sure the File Types tab is displayed.
In the list of registered file types, find and select the entry for XLS (Microsoft Excel Worksheet).
Depending on your version of Windows, click on either the Edit or the Advanced button. You should see the Edit File Type dialog box.
In the list of actions, choose Open.
Click the Edit button. Windows displays the Editing Action dialog box.
The Application Used to Perform Action box contains the actual command line used to start Word. Double-check the line to make sure there are no strange extra filenames at the end of the command line.
Make sure the Use DDE check box is selected, and that the DDE Message box is set to the following:
Click on OK.
Close all the other open dialog boxes.

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